Controllers for TORCMAN Motors

TORCMAN motors are brushless three-phase motors, which require to run an electronic device (Controller), which converts the direct current of the battery into a three phase alternating current. Therefore the controller needs a lot of intelligence, because it has to recognize at each moment the position of the rotor and send the current to the correct coil in the correct moment.

Since TORCMAN engines are either 10 or 14pole brushless motors, they require special kind of brushless controllers, which are co-ordinated with this technology. They must turn the rotary field 5 to 7 times faster, than the rotor rotates. After extensive tests and measurements the Hacker Master Controllers showed up as the optimal solution for TORCMAN motors.

Due to the different operating modes (timing and switching frequency) these controllers are suitable also for almost all other brushless engines. They convince by excellent starting behavior, partial load firmness and good efficiency. They are dimensioned to stand also brief overloading without damaging something. Due to the compact dimensions they can be installed into nearly each model.  The number of different available types allws to find a suitable controller for nearly all applications. BEC types (RC supplied from motor battery) are available to up to 70A and 12 cells.

Universal controllers from 6 to 30 cells and from 8 to 77A cover most applications. Also specialists for the competitions such as Pylon F5D or F5F and F5B as well as heli controllers are available. All controllers have the possibility to set the timing in 4 steps. Thus the "preignition" of the electrical field against the rotor can be varied , what is particularly necessary for multipolar motors, in order to obtain optimal operating behaviour. In addition, all contollers have the possibility to activate or deactivate the electrical brake.

All parameters must be programmed only once. No tools, switches or jumpers are requied. The controller reminds the setup until the next program change is done. Starting with the 40A-Types, the controllers have the additional functionality to change the switching frequency in three stages. This allows also adjusting the controllers to other brushless motors and concepts.

The controllers are delivered with programming set to timing stage 1 and switching frequency 8kHz.
To use them with TORCMAN engines, it is necessary to program the Timing to stage 3 (18 deg) or 4 (30  deg), otherwise the engine or controller can be damaged.
In case of overloading, the controller regulates back and protects itself. The undervoltage disconnection is selected consciously very low, to allow also the use with 6-cell applications.

 The prices are to be inferred in our on-line Shop.

Overview of available Types :

Controller Model Size (mm) Weight (g) Current (A) Cells BEC
MASTER 08-3P 43x25x8 10 8 4-10
MASTER 18-3P 39x25x11 22 18 6-10
MASTER 30-3P 49x25x11 32 30 6-10
MASTER 40-3P 64x28x11 36 40 6-12
MASTER 40-3P opto 64x28x11 31 40 6-16  
MASTER 70-3P 70x28x13 56 70 6-12
MASTER 70-3P opto 70x28x13 51 70 6-16  
MASTER 70-Pylon 64x28x12 44 70 6-12  
MASTER 105-3P opto 78x29x16 59 105 6-16  
MASTER 48-3P opto 77x29x16 50 48 8-30  
MASTER 77-3P opto 78x29x16 53 77 8-30  
MASTER 99-3P opto 78x29x16 63 99 8-24  
Master Heli:          
Master 40-3P heli 64x28x11 42 40 6-10
Master 40-3P opto heli 64x28x11 42 40 6-16  
Master 48-3P opto heli 77x29x16 50 48 10 - 30   
The use of controllers of other manufacturers with TORCMAN products is often possible, but should be clarified in individual cases. TORCMAN does not take over a warranty that TORCMAN Motors can be operated perfectly with unqualified third party controllers.
Please be also aware, that controllers of other manufacturers may cause different RPM values for the motors, because of different software.
Please contact the related controller manufacturer for reliable information.
Controllers of following manufacturers have been successfully tested :
Jeti Gold (depending on Revision), Actronic (problems with higher numbers of cells), Schulze, MGM, Speedy BL.