Recommended Propellers and Number of Cells

An essential advantage of the TORCMAN Motors is the fact, that they can be adapted to nearly all propeller sizes by varying the number of coil turns. The fewer turns, the faster the engine runs and therefore a smaller propeller is required. Larger number of battery cells also causes higher revs. In order to supply large propellers with sufficient power, the number of coil turns must be calculated correctly for the given battery. The following tables are to illustrate this. As propeller reference the Aeronaut CamCarbon and ClassicCarbon folding props are used, as Controller the Hacker/Jeti.

Data of the Motors with different Coils, Props and Number of Cells :

These tables are permanently updated and completed. If you don't find here what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us by Email - see contacts page ...

Tables with the RPM/Volt for the motors under load you can find under Technology - Revolutions/Volt

Attention :

  • The different available controllers cause different behaviour and revs of the motors. These tables are only valid for Hacker/Jeti controllers. The  Schulze Future turns about 5% slower, Speedy BL, MGM and Actro about 10% slower.

  • For exact calculation of current and revs please download and use the most actual TORCMAN Configurator (Excel) or send us your inquiry by Email.

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