TORCMAN Configurator

If you intend to purchase a TORCMAN Motor Kit (ECO) or have already purchased one, you can use the TORCMAN  Configurator to calculate the required number of coil turns, the wire gauge and other parameters for the different sizes of motors.
Instructions on how to use the program can be found on the first TAB (Page) of the Excel File.

Please check always for the lastest version of the program on our Website !

To download the program please click the following link  (see Notes for more information)  :

Configurator (Version 3.01, MS-Excel English)

Notes :

  • The Configurator requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on your computer.
  • Depending on the setup of your computer you receive a selection box after clicking the link whether you would like to start or store the program. You can download the Configurator  to your local disc. If this does not work, the Configurator  opens in a window or you can save the program by a click on the link with the right mouse button and then hit "save target as ......" to store it on your local drive.
  • Be sure you have turned on "Iteration" under
    Tools > Options > Calculation > Iteration > Checked (on)
  • Please notice the copyright infos at the bottom side of the page!