TORCMAN Contacts

Due to permanent overload and high cost in our office, we decided to stop our Telephone Hotline Service and Consulting and to only reply to Email- or Fax- requests from now on. If you urgently have the requirement to talk to somebody personally, please send us the phone number, timeframe and reason, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

For consulting and calculation of a special drive set fitting to your application, please download the Consulting Form from our webpage, fill it out and send it by Email to j.zaiser(at)  or by Fax to the given number. We then will reply with a propasal and quotation as soon as possible.


Postal Address

    Hauptstr. 1
    89134 Blaustein

Service-Address (Repair/Test)

  • TORCMAN Modellbau Service
    Jochen Zaiser
    Gartenstr. 5

    71088 Holzgerlingen


  • Phone :  +49 7304 9610-20
    Monday to Friday 9.00AM to 04.00PM
  • FAX general                 : +49 7304 9610-40
  • FAX Consulting/Order : +49 7031 606494

E-Mail  to Torcman

  •  Direct Order / Request for Price :

  • Consulting / Drive selection :

  •  General Requests / Complaints :

  • Web Design / Contents


 Klaus Kraft

CEO, Sales, Requests for Quotations, Dealer Contacts, Shows, PR
Klaus (LFZ Elektroniker-Meister), owner and founder of TORCMAN GmbH (former Kraft Electronic) is responsible for purchasing, production, organisation and sales. He is doing modeling since the age of 14 (with interruptions), his preferred models are wing models, gliders and electrogliders are his favorites.
 Jochen Zaiser

Mechanical Design and R+D, Application Consulting, Website, Foreign Contacts.
Jochen (Dipl.Ing. Feinwerktechnik) is one of the three TORCMAN founders and responsible for all mechanical design, manufacturing and service, maintenance of the Website and Email-Application consulting. He has about 20 years of experience with wing models and switched completely to electrical models in1999. He also does all consulting and contacts in french and english language.
 Peter Rother
Electrical Design and R+D,  Measurements and  Calculations, TM Configurator
Peter (Dipl. Ing. Nachrichtentechnik)  is one of the three TORCMAN founders and was  responsible for all electrical and magnetical calculations, as well as all measurement tools and processes. He has all required knowledge about the theory of our motors  and was the creator of the startup Web pages  (Peters LRK-Seiten). Peter has left the team to look for other interesting hobbies and opportunities.
 Gabi Härle

Order Processing, Shipments, Book Keeping, Customer Service

Gabi is responsible for the phone hotline and customer contact as well as booking and completing the orders, sending quotes and invoices. She does also the company book keeping.

 Heike Lind    

Heike is responsible for winding, sealing and testing the TORCMAN stators and for training new employees who assist her in doing large quantities for industry applications.

 Peter Lind     

Peter is responsible for winding and sealing the TORCMAN stators and for winding material procurement