TM350 Super-Man

   TM350-20 Super-Man, optimized for Reisenauer Super-Chief Planet Gear

20 Super-Man with Turbo-Zyclon Rotor Shield
for efficient cooling


In 2007, a new market segment appeared, brushless outrunner motors combined with a high end planet gear. In the past, this area was reserved for the brushless inrunners due to the required high rpm’s, which outrunners couldn’t achieve, mostly limited by the controllers.
n the meantime, modern brushless controllers are able to drive outrunners at more than 30000rpm and therefore allow this new combination. Again, the outrunners beat the inrunners in many applications – especially when big props need to be driven at higher voltages. The result is a multiplication of the max. power throughput by factor 3 to 4 at the same motor size. Props which had been too large for a direct drive application with outrunners can now be handled at very low motor weight and high efficiency with this combination.

Advantages  :
- Power throughput upto 2000Watts at efficiencies between 80 und 90%
- very low motor / system weight and slim outer shape (good for small fuselages)

Usage of very big props for a very high efficiency of the whole system

As a reaction, Torcman decided to offer the TM350-20 (and TM350-12) as a special edition, combined with one of the best and established planet gears on the market, the Reisenauer Superchief. The Superchief is a very robust, low-noise and low maintenance gear which has proven it's quality over a long time period.

The well established TM350-Series has been completely redesigned for this application. The mechanical and electrical parts have been optimized especially for this gear - it can be directly mounted to the motor without additional flanges. Thermal conduction has been improved and convection is now supported by a cyclone shaped rotor back shield.

The range of applications is between 4 bis 12 Lipos and props from 15 to 24 inches diameter at a power of 1200 to 2000Watts, short time until 2500Watts (800 – 1400Watts for the TM350-12).

Examples and applications can be found on the webpage under "Fascination - Practical Samples".

TM350-12 Super-Man Dimensions

TM350-20 Super-Man Dimensions

Motor Mount Dimensions

DXF-File Motor Rib Download here