TM 685 - Monster

TM685-40 Monster, also available in Stator Length  -20 und -30


For all applications, where the power of our TM430- Series is not sufficient, we have developped the TM685 Monster. It is built only in a small series for people who can never get enough power...

It is currently available with stator length of 20, 30 and 40mm as 14pole version, but different versions can be manufactured upon request. The power ranges from 1500 to 4500watts The best efficiency is between 4000 and 7000rpm. It can drive props up to 28" directly .

Appropriate Controllers are Kontronik Jeti Spin200 / 300, YGE120HV  and Sinus-Leistungssteller (IBZ)

Application Examples are shown on our Website under "Praxisbeispiele"

Monster Type Power Range [Watt] Weight
TM685-20 up to 1500Watt ~ 1200
TM685-30 up to 3000Watt ~ 1400g
TM685-40 up to 4500Watt ~ 1600g

Dimensions of TM685-40 (TM685-20 has 20mm less, TM685-30 has 10mm less length)

  • As this is only a limited small series please contact us for further information.
  • All information without engagement - technical data are subject to modifications